Day 4- Tabernacle Choir Tour

Sign at the entrance to the Park

The beautiful park and the Concert Stage Center

Internir of the Concert Hall Area

We had a wonderful experiece today at Ravinia near Chicago, Illinois. We drove from Indianapolis today, and had to take an alternate route due to road construction. The alternate was closed in one place too so we had to go through a residential area slowing us down even more. After a nice rehearsal we had a very nice meal on the site. I noticed right away that the organ sounded better her than in the other venues so far on this outing. The guest conductor at the end of tonight’s concert was a military man who represented all of the armed services personnel who protect US interests around the world. He was the recipient of the Bronze Star for valor in circumstances that were a peril to his life. We noticed right away that the stage and performing area at this location is much like what we are used to in the Tabernacle and we were comfortable with the way things sounded. Mack is having a great time, especially on the Rossini Gloria and he said that he was very comfortable with it. The encore was decided by the concert attendees (by calling a number from their cell phones and entering a code representing their choice) was “Climb Every Mountain”. At the other two venues so far we had sung, “God Bless America”. It was a great evening in a wonderful setting!

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