Day 3- Tabernacle Choir Tour

June 14th, 2013

Tonight we had the Governor of the State of Indiana as a guest conductor. He was very cordial an did a good job. We miss one of our Second Tenors who suffered a minor heart attack today. He received treatment for a blocked artery and is doing well tonight, and will travel home tomorrow.


Two of the sisters who make the womens’ dresses.

The concert went very well, and the process of getting all of these people from one place to another is quite a major undertaking. The rehearsal was at the Bankers Life arena, where the performance took place. This was about a mile from the hotel. We took 10 buses from the hotel to the venue, rehearsed, took the buses back to the hotel for dinner, and then back again to the arena to change clothing and prepare for the performance. We have another concert tomorrow night at the Ravinia Festival in the Chicago area. That one is outdoors so it will have different kinds of issues to be dealt with. The “acoustical shell” we always have set up for us by the audio engineering staff makes it possible for the men to hear the women and the women to hear the men notwithstanding we are not facing each other. This helps us to sing more cohesively together. We had a good evening but we are all quite tired notwithstanding the extra time we had yesterday and today. Indianapolis is a very beautiful city and many of the choir members have had a wonderful time visiting all of the attractions it has available.

Tour Day 2- Columbus Ohio and Family

June 13th, 2013

David and Tamara came to the Choir concert last night and they said that they really enjoyed the evening. Their seats were in the highest part of the arena at the rear but they were able to hear very well and the balance was good. Sanja particularly enjoyed Alex Boye’s solos and his choreography during the second number. It was so fun to see them and the rest of the family. Thank goodness the choir got a day off after the 22-hour day we had yesterday.

My cute grandkids!

Today we did a little work around the house, and then Robyn and Eric came with their kids which is always a treat for Tamara’s kids, both David and the girls. We went and watched while Sanja and Amie went to their ice skating lessons. It was interesting to see this indoors on a large rink where hockey players practice during the hot summers. Fun! We cooked a nice dinner together and had a little visit while the kids were playing at full-tilt as if they hadn’t seen each other for many months. We look forward to seeing everyone again (with a little more time on our hands) when Mom and I return in a few weeks. See you then!

Tabernacle Choir Tour Day 1

June 12th, 2013

Location of tonight’s concert, Nationwide Arena

We are in Columbus Ohio for the first concert of the 2013 Concert tour of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir organization including the Orchestra at Temple Square. We left early this morning and rehearsed this afternoon in the hockey arena downtown. The stage and all the chairs are placed on a superstructure of coverings that have been places over the ice. We are looking a forward to having a great audience including David and Tamara tonight!

Grandma Hill is home now!

June 12th, 2013

Grandma Hill came home from the hospital on Tuesday and is doing very well at home. She has a hospital bed in her room as well as a device that will give her a ride up and down the stairs when she needs to come down or go back up. I think that Janice and Mary Ann stayed with her last night. The schedule will be a little interesting the next several days while things get worked out for her needs. We are so grateful to everyone who assisted a with the process of getting her home. The front porch may be finished by now but I am not in a position to share a photo since I am in Ohio and will be in three other states the next week and a half with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Still in Hospital, home on Tuesday we hope!

June 10th, 2013

We spent time at the hospital yesterday and saw another neighbor who is suffering from a stroke. Grandma didn’t come home on Monday and is still in the hospital because of complications caused by side-effects of the medications she has been given. They have been adjusting dosages and working to get them set so the side-effects are less undesirable. We spent time there yesterday evening but there have been so many visitors we decided not to go today so we would not be in the way of others who wanted to see her. (I did direct Aunt Ardy to call her late this afternoon though when she called us to see how Grandma was doing.) We were told this evening that Grandma was able to take a fairly long walk around the hospital wing with no light-headed after effect, take a “real” bath (shower?), and eat a good meal. Her blood pressure is much lower now, which is one of the things they were very worried about. Family members there indicate that if she has a good night they are quite certain she will be coming home tomorrow morning. We are very pleased to report this!
Ed and his family along with John’s kids, and Kent and his kids worked on the front porch today on Grandma’s house. It will be a little larger and nicer when they are done. I will post a photo for you to see their work later! Thank you everyone!

Grandma will go home on Sunday(?)

June 8th, 2013

Hi everyone, grandma was scheduled to go home today but I was recently informed that because she is having a little difficulty breathing and has a cough they want to keep her for one more day in the hospital. She will come home Sunday and have company from the family to be with her for at least the next six weeks to help her get going again. The physical therapist will see her during the week and hopefully we will learn how to assist her to get the exercise she needs to improve her mobility and quality of life. She has a stairway chair to help her get upstairs to her room and other improvements to the home that will make it easier for her to get around and do the things she needs to do.
We spent several hours with her yesterday and she had numerous visitors at the hospital. She was somewhat tired but seems to be improving. We want her to get more rest but also to get around a bit more and are hopeful that getting up and around after having more rest will help her to heal more quickly.
Please let Mom or me, or Ed or Jean know if you have any questions.

Update on Grandma- Heart Attack but she is OK

June 7th, 2013


Talking on the phone to Richard

I got a text in the afternoon saying that Grandma had suffered a mild heart attack. She had atrial fibrilation that stopped during a blessing she received. A short time later she complained of not being able to breathe and something didn’t feel right in her chest. She was in the cardiac unit already since she the earlier episode so they were monitoring her closely. The technicians checked at that time and said they thought she was having a heart attack right at that moment! They took her directly into the lab and performed an angiogram to locate the blocked artery. It took them a little longer than they wanted, trying to go through her arm at first. This didn’t work so they went in through the large artery in the leg where the hip was replaced. The blockage (about 95 percent) was quickly located and an angioplasty put a stent was put in place to open it. Then they put a second balloon into it and expanded it a little more. We were shown the process from a recording they made of motion-picture views, and the blockage cannot even be seen any more. This was the only major blockage they found. She is feeling much better now and resting comfortably, even being able to eat what she wants. She has spoken on the telephone to several of her children and visited with several as they have come to see her. I will probably ask her if we can open a Skype session with a few of you on Saturday if she is feeling up to it. It was suggested that possibly the heart condition was the cause of her fall, maybe she even came close to blacking out; she doesn’t remember. There did not appear to be anything there for to have tripped on. The nurse told us she was likely to be released on Sunday at this point. Thanks to Jean and Joyce who stayed in the hospital last night with Grandma. If I get a report this morning I will add it to this post.
Jean just sent out an update from this morning (now) saying Grandma is doing great. The Cardiologist said she can go home tomorrow and can walk as much as her tolerance of the pain will allow her to. She is tired but seems to be doing as well as can be expected. She did some walking today and a physical therapist worked with her for a few minutes. This is great news. Please keep praying for her and for the family that we can provide everything she needs.

Grandma Hill update

June 5th, 2013

Mom stayed two nights with Grandma and then Aunt Janice was in town and stayed with her last night. Grandma is having some discomfort (small wonder) but is doing very well, going walking at least twice a day around the hospital corridors with some help from staff. We believe she will be released to go home on Friday but she will need LOTS of help for several weeks. Arrangements are being made for Home Healthcare personnel to visit (they only come Mon-Fri) so we will need to learn what they do so we can duplicate it to the best of our ability on the weekends. There are many things that need to be taken care of, and we hope that the arrangements can be finalized for most of them before she comes home. I will add more information as I get it.

Hip Surgery for Grandma

June 2nd, 2013

Aunt Jean stayed with Grandma Hill last night. She had some rest but the pain was getting in the way by this morning. Mom went to the hospital this morning to spell off Aunt Jean and spent the entire day with her. Ed and Jean came back this afternoon just before Grandma was scheduled to undergo partial hip replacement surgery. She went into the Surgical area at about 4:15pm. Mom and I were at the hospital with Ed and Jean and John during the procedure. We had a nice quiet visit with her before she want into surgery, and a good visit while she was in the operating room. She came through with flying colors, not acting nearly her age according to Dr. Bacon, her surgeon. The procedure took just over 1.5 hours. She was pronounced mended and should be up walking with assistance from the hospital staff sometime tomorrow although she will need to remain hospitalized for several days. Thank goodness for pain medications! Now the pain will be a little different because of the prosthesis and the incisions to install it. We are told that she will probably need to use a cane, but we are hopeful that notwithstanding this, she will have a complete recovery. No more running around the garden as before though! We love you grandma! Get better soon!

Grandma Hill fell, is now in the hospital

June 1st, 2013

Charlotte and Andrew gave us a call this evening when they went home to say that Grandma had fallen and we needed to come over right away. Fortunately it wasn’t very long after she was injured that the kids arrived at her home. We have since taken her to the hospital and we were just told that she has a broken hip, which we suspected. She was out watering her garden and tripped over a hose (we think). She said she fell on the concrete and was stuck there, having to kind of drag herself into the garage. The kids found here there on her knees and they ran to help her, and when we arrive they had managed to get her seated on a chair. She was in a lot of pain but we were able to get her in the car with some effort and discomfort. She was x-rayed just a few minutes ago and the break was confirmed. We don’t know how bad it is at this point but she will need surgery of some kind, probably on Sunday.