We’re stuck in Ohio because of the weather

We made it to the airport at the last possible minute due to the heavy rains and resulting traffic issues including a severe accident on I-71. We waited in a traffic jam for about 30 minutes and finally arrived at the airport only thirty minutes before our flight was supposed to leave the airport. Fortunately security didn’t have a big backup and we got through quickly. When we got to the gate there was not agent there and passengers were still sittings there. The flight had had been delayed for about an hour due to the weather and had not arrived yet. Because of this delay we would quite certainly miss our connecting flight in Atlanta and would then have to spend the night in the airport waiting for the next flight out, which didn’t leave until about 7am.
Not wanting to spend the night in the airport, I decided to call my sister Eli, who works for the airline. She suggested that we call the reservations desk and tell them our predicament and see what they could do for us. It was very reassuring to speak with her and get her guidance concerning our predicament. We were overjoyed to have our flight rescheduled for 7 AM Tuesday morning. The only problem remaining was, could Robyn and Eric keep us for the night?

Robyn reading to Oliver

Robyn reading to Oliver

We called them and they said could, so we are staying with them tonight. Now we get some “bonus” time with our Columbus grandchildren. It was fun walking back into their house and having them come out and greet us with their smiles and enthusiasm. We’re so grateful that we have family here and they are able to assist us!
Now I need to figure out how to get caught up at work, being away an extra unplanned-for day…

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