Day 10- Tabernacle Choir Tour: homecoming!

We were happy to find that the concerts we presented were successful and that it was now time to return home to our families. We are grateful to the people behind the scenes that made it possible for us to present our message to the many thousands for whom we sang. The stage crew including those who set up and took down the risers, the organ, the sound system, moved in and out all of the wardrobe cabinets, moved luggage in and out, and all of the myriad tasks that need to be taken care of to make it possible for such a series of concerts to take place. Some of our colleagues are still on their way home and won’t get here for a few more days, driving the trucks with all of the equipment back home. We salute you for your hard work! Thank you for the opportunity of sharing with others the joy in music we feel as we share our love of God, of music, and of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ with others. And thank you to our families who also allow up to participate and be away from them while we pursue the endeavors of sharing this with others in person at other places.

Breakfast at the hotel in panoramic view.

Breakfast in the hotel was relaxing and each of the three groups left on buses for the airport in an orderly fashion. I was impressed with the organization that was put into place making it a very smooth process to get our bags checked in a special place, get through security, and then get onto the aircraft for our trip home. We encountered the roughest air I have experienced recently shortly after reaching our cruising altitude of 33,000 feet. Due to the dangers of moving around the cabin, this delayed our delicious meal but we enjoyed the time and the flight went quickly because of the circumstances.
My group traveled using Trax and Frontrunner back to Utah County. It was a relaxing and fairly uncrowded trip, and we were able to talk with other passengers about the trip and our experiences. Thank you everyone for a memorable trip, my last as a singer in the choir.

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