Day 7- Tabernacle Choir Tour

Today we had a great day because we didn’t have to get up early. We had breakfast and lunch on our own so no special schedule other than we needed to be on the bus by 12:30 for a departure shortly thereafter for Madison. I went with a friend. To visit the Harley Davidson museum. Harleys are manufactured in Milwaukee. It was very interesting.

A view of the stage with the organ pipes.

We arrived at the Overture Center for the Arts at about 2:30. What a beautiful theatre! It has a very large stage with a 55-rank (?) pipe organ. Rick’s solo was better than ever on that instrument. Then entire instrument is on heavy tracks that allow it to be moved (slowly!) back to the back wall of the stage area to open up even more depth. The orchestra shell swings from the sides to cover the front of the organ when it is retracted, and the ceiling moves up and becomes as if it were a flown piece of scenery.

A view of the house from the front

The room is finished up with maple so the wood is very light in color. The theatre has a very high ceiling, and features three balconies with a total capacity of about 2200 persons, and this concert was sold out. Rehearsal went very well, and our guest conductor was selected to represent the Music Teachers around the country. He was terrific; it was really nice to have someone who really knew the music (not to take anything away from our other guest conductors).
We had a very nice catered dinner in the beautiful lobbies of the Concert Hall and enjoyed each other’s company for a short while. The concert was memorable for many reasons, especially for the superb acoustics of the theater. We will remember this place as one of the beautiful treasures in our history for having had the chance to perform there.

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