Day 6- with the Tabernacle Choir

We were able to sleep in a little later today and get some rest before traveling to Milwaukee. This wasn’t a long trip, only about 2 hours but we went directly to the venue and had a rehearsal without getting into hotel rooms first.

Dinner at the Hilton

We walked the three blocks and went to dinner there before the performance. We are staying in the beautiful old Milwaukee City Center Hilton Hotel, probably built around 1920. Much of the beautiful period elegance has been restored and it is a beautiful place to stay. The concert was very successful and a lot of fun. Our guest conductor was the Archbishop of Milwaukee who seemed to be a very nice person. He did a great job too!

Four MTC tenors: Mike, Randy, Brad, and David.

Here I am with some good friends in the choir in this photo taken before tonight’s concert. We have spent many years performing together and I will really miss my close association with them! They will all be staying on when I have finished out next week.

I am told that Grandma is doing very well. Thanks to Richard and Yvonne for coming out to visit over the weekend and for their very kind help and assistance. Mom is staying with her tonight (and did so also last night). When I called they were watching a movie together so Grandma could get to sleep. I don’t think it will help. The movie is the North Avenue Irregulars. Too funny to go to sleep during that one!

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