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Anniversary Getaway

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Carriage House Condos

Mom and I celebrated our 35th this week by staying in Park City in conjunction with my commitments there with the choir.

View from the stage!

Our rehearsal with the Utah Symphony was Thursday night and we stayed over in Prospector Square that night and then went to the Factory Stores Friday morning.

Ristorante La Ferrovia

We drove to Ogden to have lunch at Ristorante La Ferrovia Friday, and hoped to make it out to Antelope Island. No such luck, the traffic on Antelope Drive through town was really bad and we ran out of time. I left Mom at home for the performance that night, and Saturday we had considered a few things but we were busy with other things we needed to do. Robyn and Eric were here earlier this week and will also be here next week. They went to Bear Lake for a family reunion while we were away. It was fun to get away but just as fun to get back to enjoy the family. Melodie is home now too for several weeks! Fun times!

A Fun Home Evening

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Today while Robyn and her family were with us we decided that we would have a fun activity for Home Eveningand make s’mores in the back yard.

Cooking and eating the best treats!

We had almost everyone come over to help with this and we a great time.

The assembly is almost complete, with hot marshmallows.

No only did everyone get to see their cousins and sister with her husband from out of town, but we all enjoyed some nice warm marshmallows and chocolate.

The expectant Mom- Robyn, and her husband Eric!

Apparently this is the way to get everyone to come (of course); fun treats.

Chase and his Mom

Both FUN and TREATS make for a great time especially when everyone helps out.

Mom with five of her six girls together

It was so fun to have everyone here who came. We missed those who could not come! [We need to do this again soon, don’t-cha think?]

Family Reunions!

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Camp seen from above in parking lot

We had some camping experience this weekend as we attended the reunions of Dad’s family and Mom’s family.

Campfire at Balsam

Thursday night was the OJH Family reunion at Balsam Campground in Hobble Creek Canyon. You can see that we had a lot of people there. I was told that we had a total of 86 people (and 6 dogs) which is considered some kind of a record.

Mountain Man Breakfast in a 14-inch Dutch oven!

Mom was at a care center so was not here again this year but is happy and enjoying her surroundings. Dad slept in his Springbar tent, and there were serveral “tin teepees” used by family. Thanks to Eric and Derek who provided their tents for family members since I left the tent stakes at home for the squad tent.

Video Presentation to the family

The CWH Family reunion took place Friday night and Saturday morning at the Heber Valley Camp which was a contrast to camping at a Forest Services campground.

Brave Julia is first to walk across the elevated log and go down the zipline!

This place was really nice but also at a very high elevation.

Cousins sitting together near the Heber Valley Camp pavillion.

While there we participated in some of the challenge activities including an elevated log crossing, the zip line, and group rescue activities. Ed discussed the Family History program of the church and we were treated to many, many photos of ancestors and family members scanned over the past several months at Janice’s by the sisters. Thank you everyone for your hard work and preparations for a very successful and memorable experience by everyone.

Fun at the Park with Grandkids

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

We had a fun evening with the grandkids at the park while their Mom and the new baby took it easy. The evening was cool and a little breezy, just perfect for this kind of outdoor activity.

At the top of the slide

Fun on the circular slide

Cousin power!

After a slide ride!