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A New Granddaughter born yesterday!

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Meagan Elizabeth

Tamara and David welcomed their sixth child to their family Tuesday June 29th at 4:47pm.

Megan finds her fingers

Megan Elizabeth came into the world weighing 7 lb. 2 oz. and 20.5 inches tall.

Megan looking at the light

She is a sweetheart born into a family of loving children that love her so much and are very excited to have her here!

Megan looks at the camera.

We visited her and her mother at the hospital today and took several pictures so you can get to know her.

Little Darling

Grandma said she had a heathy cry which she heard on the telephone last night, but we didn’t hear her cry while visiting at the hospital. We are very pleased and happy for their new addition. CONGRATULATIONS!

Summer is here with its beauty… and heat!

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Mount Timpanogos Temple

Summer has come along with very warm temperatures and the green will soon become more brown with the heat of the day reaching close to 100 degrees faraenheit each day.

Summer Flowers in the Business Park

The rain water from the spring has made the hills very green as you can see and the flowers are beautiful at this time of year before it gets hot enough to slow them down. Time for a vacation, but in a place where there is some protection from the heat. We hope everyone gets a chance to get away for a little break during the hot weather, and that everyone is well. The summer months should bring time for get-togethers with those who are important to you. We look forward to spending a little time with David Hill and his family who are visiting from Texas. It has been quite a while since we have been able to visit with them for more than a minute or two, and they aren’t in Utah very often. They will travel later this week to another reunion further west at Lake Tahoe with Kathleen’s family. Although the summer weather is beautiful we are not yet used to the temperature so we will be staying in the house most of the time instead of spending time outdoors for now. The family reunion campout at Balsam will give us a chance to be outdoors but at a higher altitude, so it should not be so hot. We look forward to that!

Basement in Progress at last

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Family Room 1

On Tuesday we had the carpet people here and they put new carpet down in the family room, the stairs to the basement, and the basement hallway.

Family Room View 2

We think it looks really nice and it is great to have pad under the carpet with fresh paint.

Family Room View 3

Thanks Kristen for all your hard work to get this done. She did most of the painting and helped select the bright colors. Melodie came home during this project and was put out of her room, bless her heart! She also helped with the ceiling in the family room and the hallway painting. Mel’s room is next, and we hope to get it done in the next week or so, as soon as we can get everything out into another space. Then the bathroom and we will have an almost complete renovation since the flood last summer! I took a few pictures so you could see what things look like now the painting is done and the new carpet is down. Kristen wanted to have us put the entertainment center by the north wall next to the stairs. What do you think? The sectional is placed all along a single wall which makes it look VERY long (it is!) but will accommodate everyone so all can see the screen at the same time, comfortably. Do you notice the changed curtains? The old ones are still OK but they are quite bleached by the sunlight from the past 12 years so we are trying some others that Mom got on sale somewhere and didn’t use in the kitchen. We hope you like it, and look forward to your visits during the summer.

Summer appears to be here (finally)!

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Summer Flowers are here!

This year spring came and went, came and went (back to late winter) and then finally Summer appears to have arrived the week following our last snowstorm. This is one of the most beautiful times of the year as long as the periodic cold weather doesn’t kill your young plants in the garden, or the heat do the same. We are trying to get some things out in our garden space and have been somewhat successful, but the weeds this year are more persistent than last year so it will take more work to fight them off. We used some 2-4-D on the grass last year and need to to it again this year but it is too hot this week to apply it. Hopefully a few cool days will be here next week and this chore may be taken care of to get rid of the morning glory in the lawn and help the grass grow more vigorously without burning it.

Mormon Youth Symphony & Chorus Reunion

Monday, June 21st, 2010

There was a pair of reunion concerts held this past weekend for former members of the discontinued group sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The group was formed in 1969 by the Church Music Committee and directed for the first five years by Jay E. Welch.

With friend and Director Robert C. Bowden

When Dr. Welch was called to become the Director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in 1974, Robert C. Bowden was called as the Director of MYSC and remained in that position until 1999 when the group’s last concert was held in August of that year and the group was then officially disbanded. It was a great experience working again with Bob, and a special treat was that I got to share a stand with my good friend Gerry Omer.

Gerry and Mike together again!

We got acquainted many years ago when we were boys taking from the same violin teacher, and then got to know each other much better during the first year of MYSC. Gerry went to Germany on a mission in 1970. I was certain I would also go to a German-speaking mission and see him there in 1971 since I had taken three years of high school German and was taking German at the University of Utah. However I ended up being called to Italy and was forced by the circumstances to push the German out in order to learn Italian. We had a wonderful “reunion” ourselves in the orchestra, and thoroughly enjoyed the music and the experience. The blue ties we have on represent members from the 1970s. The sisters wore scarves of the same color. Members from the 1980s wore red ties and scarves, those from the 1990s wore yellow. There was a get-together at This is the Place Monument that reportedly was a great time for all involved. I was at work that day, so was not sunburned like many of the other participants were on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Saturday evening there was a reception where former members of this organization were able to meet and greet each other. I saw many friends and associates from that time of my life, and it was great to see them and remember the great times we had with each other.