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We’re stuck in Ohio because of the weather

Monday, July 1st, 2013

We made it to the airport at the last possible minute due to the heavy rains and resulting traffic issues including a severe accident on I-71. We waited in a traffic jam for about 30 minutes and finally arrived at the airport only thirty minutes before our flight was supposed to leave the airport. Fortunately security didn’t have a big backup and we got through quickly. When we got to the gate there was not agent there and passengers were still sittings there. The flight had had been delayed for about an hour due to the weather and had not arrived yet. Because of this delay we would quite certainly miss our connecting flight in Atlanta and would then have to spend the night in the airport waiting for the next flight out, which didn’t leave until about 7am.
Not wanting to spend the night in the airport, I decided to call my sister Eli, who works for the airline. She suggested that we call the reservations desk and tell them our predicament and see what they could do for us. It was very reassuring to speak with her and get her guidance concerning our predicament. We were overjoyed to have our flight rescheduled for 7 AM Tuesday morning. The only problem remaining was, could Robyn and Eric keep us for the night?

Robyn reading to Oliver

Robyn reading to Oliver

We called them and they said could, so we are staying with them tonight. Now we get some “bonus” time with our Columbus grandchildren. It was fun walking back into their house and having them come out and greet us with their smiles and enthusiasm. We’re so grateful that we have family here and they are able to assist us!
Now I need to figure out how to get caught up at work, being away an extra unplanned-for day…

Our time in Ohio this week

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

A fun last lunch before finishing the move

We have had a wonderful visit with Robyn and Eric and their family, and with Tamara and David and their family. I had been in Ohio only a little over a week ago with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir so I had seen the grandchildren recently, but Grandma had not seen them for about a year. They were very happy to see each other! We took an overnight flight and arrived at their home late in the morning on Thursday, before Eric came home from work. We had a little time to spend with the children and get re-acqiainted with them before Daddy was home and we needed to get moving things into the moving truck.
Robyn and Eric's new home!

Robyn and Eric’s new home!

This afternoon we helped move Robyn and Eric into their new home in Massilon, about 5 miles from where they lived before but they are still in the same ward. There were two ward members from the area that helped get the truck loaded, and at the new home there were several families who were there to help get things moved into the new home. The help was wonderful and very welcome! Grandma and I stayed at there with their family Thursday and Friday nights, assigned to the girls’ room (while the girls stayed with Henrik in his room). The new home is very nice and accommodates them well at this time. We were very impressed that so many friends and neighbors offered their assistance to get the move taken care of.
What a beautiful family!

What a beautiful family!

We enjoyed a nice lunch there after Mierae’s baptism and met some of their close friends. We are very proud of her decision to be baptized a member of the church! Mierae was given some birthday gifts and had a nice group to be there to share her joy of the occasion.
We drove to Columbus Saturday afternoon and through an enormous storm on I-71 that was the heaviest rain I have driven through in a long time. The deluge lasted about 30 miles or so and went through areas of construction. It was all the wipers could do to keep up, but it let up as we approached Columbus.
Mom and Rebekah prepare the birthday cake

Mom and Rebekah prepare the birthday cake

We have had a lovely visit with Tamara and family in Columbus including their church meetings. Today we celebrated Megan’s third birthday. Rebekah and their Mom worked hard on a special cake for the celebration. We also had delicious home-made pizza and salad along with a nice berry smoothie for dinner. I have seldom seen a little person more excited to open her birthday gifts than Megan was at this time. She just screamed with glee when she opened an umberella, and the beautiful doll from her other grandparents is her closest companion now. The got a backpack playhouse and a few other fun things including some “magic” slipper shoes.
Blowing out the candles!

Blowing out the candles!

Megan was very excited to open her gifts, so excited that she even forgot about cake and ice cream her mother and sister had worked so hard to prepare for her. It was so fun to see the excitement in her eyes and her voice. We had a really fun time and her siblings enjoyed this almost as much as if they had been receiving the gifts themselves. Their family tradition indicates that the birthday person blow out their candles before we sing happy birthday to them, so we did this. It was a nice variation on the way we do it! We are very blessed to have our wonderful grandchildren and know that they are all loved and wanted by their families. The gospel of Jesus Christ has had such a profound effect on our upbringing, and we are by grateful to have the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in our lives. Te teachings of the restored church have been a wonderful blessing in our lives. All of these grandchildren are growing up so fast! It was really fun to play some games with them and see them interact with each other. We look forward to our next family reunion!

Grandma Hill is home now!

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Grandma Hill came home from the hospital on Tuesday and is doing very well at home. She has a hospital bed in her room as well as a device that will give her a ride up and down the stairs when she needs to come down or go back up. I think that Janice and Mary Ann stayed with her last night. The schedule will be a little interesting the next several days while things get worked out for her needs. We are so grateful to everyone who assisted a with the process of getting her home. The front porch may be finished by now but I am not in a position to share a photo since I am in Ohio and will be in three other states the next week and a half with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Still in Hospital, home on Tuesday we hope!

Monday, June 10th, 2013

We spent time at the hospital yesterday and saw another neighbor who is suffering from a stroke. Grandma didn’t come home on Monday and is still in the hospital because of complications caused by side-effects of the medications she has been given. They have been adjusting dosages and working to get them set so the side-effects are less undesirable. We spent time there yesterday evening but there have been so many visitors we decided not to go today so we would not be in the way of others who wanted to see her. (I did direct Aunt Ardy to call her late this afternoon though when she called us to see how Grandma was doing.) We were told this evening that Grandma was able to take a fairly long walk around the hospital wing with no light-headed after effect, take a “real” bath (shower?), and eat a good meal. Her blood pressure is much lower now, which is one of the things they were very worried about. Family members there indicate that if she has a good night they are quite certain she will be coming home tomorrow morning. We are very pleased to report this!
Ed and his family along with John’s kids, and Kent and his kids worked on the front porch today on Grandma’s house. It will be a little larger and nicer when they are done. I will post a photo for you to see their work later! Thank you everyone!

Grandma will go home on Sunday(?)

Saturday, June 8th, 2013

Hi everyone, grandma was scheduled to go home today but I was recently informed that because she is having a little difficulty breathing and has a cough they want to keep her for one more day in the hospital. She will come home Sunday and have company from the family to be with her for at least the next six weeks to help her get going again. The physical therapist will see her during the week and hopefully we will learn how to assist her to get the exercise she needs to improve her mobility and quality of life. She has a stairway chair to help her get upstairs to her room and other improvements to the home that will make it easier for her to get around and do the things she needs to do.
We spent several hours with her yesterday and she had numerous visitors at the hospital. She was somewhat tired but seems to be improving. We want her to get more rest but also to get around a bit more and are hopeful that getting up and around after having more rest will help her to heal more quickly.
Please let Mom or me, or Ed or Jean know if you have any questions.

Hip Surgery for Grandma

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Aunt Jean stayed with Grandma Hill last night. She had some rest but the pain was getting in the way by this morning. Mom went to the hospital this morning to spell off Aunt Jean and spent the entire day with her. Ed and Jean came back this afternoon just before Grandma was scheduled to undergo partial hip replacement surgery. She went into the Surgical area at about 4:15pm. Mom and I were at the hospital with Ed and Jean and John during the procedure. We had a nice quiet visit with her before she want into surgery, and a good visit while she was in the operating room. She came through with flying colors, not acting nearly her age according to Dr. Bacon, her surgeon. The procedure took just over 1.5 hours. She was pronounced mended and should be up walking with assistance from the hospital staff sometime tomorrow although she will need to remain hospitalized for several days. Thank goodness for pain medications! Now the pain will be a little different because of the prosthesis and the incisions to install it. We are told that she will probably need to use a cane, but we are hopeful that notwithstanding this, she will have a complete recovery. No more running around the garden as before though! We love you grandma! Get better soon!

Our Newest Priesthood Holder

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Ethan had the Aaronic Priesthood conferred upon him and was ordained a Deacon on Sunday November 6, 2011 in St. George. We traveled there so his other grandparents could participate with us. They moved from Florida just this past week and had planned to join us at home. The trip was so much for them that they decided that they were unable to drive up to our area, so we decided that we wanted to go there to include them as the other grandparents. After the recital we drove to St. George. Derek decided to surprise his parents and were they surprised! It was so fun to see them and we enjoyed our visit with them. Grandma Hill went with us too; this was her first great-grandson (and our first grandson) to receive the Aaronic Priesthood. Congratulations to Ethan!

Great-Grandma Passes on to the other side

Monday, April 4th, 2011

High School and 50th Anniversary Photos

On April 3, 2011, after giving us her tender and loving smiles and kisses, our beloved wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and sister, Dorothy Kennard Hendriksen slipped away from this life and returned to her Heavenly Father. She endured a long and difficult illness cheerfully and graciously. She is finally free from all suffering and limitations and enjoying a reunion with her mother and other family members.

Dorothy was born on November 25, 1928, the 3rd child of Frank and Elinor Scholes Kennard, in Brigham City, Utah. When she was almost 3 years old, her young mother suddenly died after a surgical procedure. She then lived with her Scholes grandparents for several years, until her father married Gladys Bischoff, who became the mother of ten additional siblings. Dorothy spent her childhood years as an “army brat,” moving often with her large family because of her father’s assignments as an army officer. The family finally settled in Salt Lake City, where she graduated from East High School.

Dorothy had a great love for music. She was an accomplished flutist and had a beautiful singing voice. She sang in the East High A’cappella Choir (as both a junior and a senior!), and was also part of a vocal group that sang regularly on live radio. In 1947 she was called to sing in the “Message of the Ages” pageant choir, part of the Utah Pioneer Centennial celebration. It was there that Dorothy spotted a handsome bass with a beautiful voice, Oscar Hendriksen. She “chased him until he caught her.” They were married in the Salt Lake Temple on January 28, 1949. Their 62 years of love and devotion for each other has been a great example to family and friends.

Dorothy and Oscar sang together throughout their lives, blessing others with their talent. They sang in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for many years, and enjoyed traveling worldwide with the choir. As children were added to the family, Dorothy worked tirelessly to make sure that each one had the opportunity to develop musical talents. Each child received instruction on the piano and at least one other instrument. Mom was passionate about making sure that each of us practiced regularly and correctly.

Service was an important part of Dorothy’s life, and was always offered with diligence and excellence. She served faithfully in many ward and stake leadership positions, including 23 years as Ward Choir Director. She also served in civic and community organizations including time as president of the Utah Peace Officers Association Auxiliary, and the South High School PTA.

Dorothy was a loving mother and grandmother and is survived by her husband Oscar, children Leslie (Sherman) Anderson, Michael (Ruth), Daniel (Karen), Neil (Marie), Eric (Elaine), Mark (Judy), Elinor (John) Sargent, and Laurel Enke, 39 grandchildren and 41 great grandchildren, and counting. Also survived by her sister Rose Hoffmann, and by brothers James B., Aaron D., Lee G., Raeburn G., Roger B., Joseph C., and Royal C. Kennard. She was preceded in death by her parents, siblings Winnifred Call, F. Ralph Kennard, Marie Tayler, Robert Kennard, and a great granddaughter, Jennifer Dastrup.

Services will be held on Friday April 8, 2011, 12:00 noon, at Hunter Village Ward, 7035 West Loch Ness Avenue (3600 South), West Valley UT. Friends may call at Larkin Mortuary 260 E.South Temple in Salt Lake City, on Thursday evening April 7 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., and the day of the services from 10:30 to 11:45 at the meeting house.

The family wishes to express deep thanks and appreciation for the tender and loving services of Legacy Village Memory Care. In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to the Center for Alzheimer’s Care ‘Gift to Life Program’ at the University of Utah: Interment at Redwood Memorial Estates, West Jordan, UT.

Chase explores Grandma’s Kitchen

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Getting in the hot pad drawer.

We had the kids tonight while their parents went out for a Friday night date. Ethan and Julia were watching a video while Chase spent time with Grandma and Gramdpa.

More exploring!

He is getting to the age where he is curious about everything and likes to pull out the pots and pans.

The range drawer is next!

Apparently this is something he does frequently at home, but I have not seen him comfortable enough to do this here before.

Tasting the pots and pans.

He is learning to go up and down the stairs and we “practiced” this with him several times tonight.

Reading with Grandma.

He is hilarious! He likes the vacuum like his big brother and is fascintated by the telephone. It is so fun to have the grandkids close by. We wish more of our grandchildren were close enough to visit more often.

A Visit with Grandma H.

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Grandma H with Dad

Grandma is now living in an assisted living center since Grandpa is no longer able to care for her himself. The center is at 5472 South 3200 West should anyone want to visit with her. I try to go and see her every week on my way home from choir and from seeing Dad. I took a little movie of her and of me recently to show you how she is doing and what the place is like. We were in the common area where people gather to visit patients there, not in her private bedroom.. Click on the photo above to bring online the movie I took. Enjoy!